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We require a $75.00 deposit per day for all charters and rentals. This deposit is nonrefundable. It assures that the boat will be reserved for you on the date(s) of your reservation.

All cars must check in to the corresponding marina office.
 If you are using the Lakefront Landing marina for your pickup point, (1) car is included with the charter or rental. Additional cars are $15.00 if you are using either of the two parking lots owned by Lakefront Landing marina . Free parking is available along the shoulder of the road.
Goodhue Boat Company pickup point- convenient to Danforth Bay. Parking is $20. per car. 

Cancellation: A cancellation must be made 5 days prior to the reservation. The deposit will not be refunded.
, (1),

 Rain policy
You may cancel the day of the rental/charter before 8:00 am if it is raining at the marina at that time.
You will not be charged for the rental/charter but there will be no refund of your deposit.
Cancelling because it might rain: 
The charter or boat rental guest will be charged for the time that they reserved. No refunds .
  We also reserve the right to rent/charter the boat for that day.

Multi day rentals are excluded from the rain policy and will be delivered and picked up as scheduled unless other arrangements are made.

Pets must be under control.

There will be a $25 pet fee and renter will be responsible for any damages. This includes nail scratches in the vinyl upholstery. Please cover the seats or keep your pet on the floor.
Pets are not allowed on the charter boat if there is tubing.

Rental boat
All persons under the age of 13 are required to wear a Coast Guard approved life vest. 
For lakes other than Ossipee- There is a 3 day minimum for lakes other than Ossipee lake. The renter is responsible for any launch fees.
If this is a private launch, the renter is responsible for any necessary arrangements to access the lake.
Ossipee Lake- Multi day rentals (3 to 4 days) will receive a 5% discount and 5 days or more days will receive a 10% discount. This will be paid to the renter at the end of the rental period. If there are any damages to the vessel or its equipment, Boatbud LLC may use the discounted money to pay for the repairs.

Rental Boatss


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